Carnivore Magazine

The Riptile® Camouflage Sabertooth Pattern was proudly featured on a two page ad for Fiocchi Ammunition in the inaugural issue of Carnivore Magazine.

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Jest Textiles

Riptile® Camouflage proudly partnered with Jest Textiles!  Jest Textiles is a wholesale custom fabric manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.  For more information on their products and company, please visit them at www.jesttextiles.com

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Riptile® Thermoplastics

HolsterSmith has released Kydex supplies in the original Riptile® Camouflage Pattern.  The Kydex products are available in all for Color Schemes; Sabertooth, Carnivor, Ice Age, and Nocturnal!  Visit www.holstersmith.com for more information.

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Freedom Stencils

Riptile® Camouflage has proudly partnered with Freedom Stencils!  Freedom Stencils is one of the industries leading suppliers of heat resistant camouflage vinyl stencils.  For more information or to purchase the Officially Licensed Riptile® Camouflage Pattern Stencils, please visit Freedom Stencils at www.freedomstencils.com

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Kellie Pickler

Riptile® Camouflage was honored to be featured on the Pipe Hitters Union Rifle for the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit which drew the praise of none other than Kellie Pickler!

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Texcel Industries

Riptile® Camouflage announces a partnership with Texcel Industries.  Texcel Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of Military Webbing and Nylon Webbing with over 20 years of experience.  For more information regarding Texcel Industries, please visit www.texcelindustries.com

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