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Inspired by natures finest cryptic coloration’s!

Riptile® Camouflage is the culmination of countless hours of exhaustive research that started in the early 2000’s during a time of particular interest in the digital pattern concepts.  The excitement of the “new” breed of camouflage paved the way for the early research and development of Riptile® Camouflage.

Most of the inspiration for Riptile® comes from the animal kingdom and more specifically, Reptiles.  The thought was, why try to pattern a tree or some specific foliage and/or environment, when nature has already done that for us?  That early question led to a long an interesting study of some of natures most unique creatures and finest crypsis artists.  From mammals, birds, insects, and aquatic life, to reptiles and amphibians, no one was left out.  During this time, many elements of successful disguise were noted, categorized, and graded.  The most effective patterns implemented multiple elements, and some of these elements had a greater importance than others.  Riptile® Camouflage is a product of the desire to combine three of these specific camouflage elements.


The term “Multi-Dimensional” as it was categorized, refers to the visualization of depth.  It works much like the “Portrait” mode of a camera where the subject is in focus, but the background is blurred.   The illusion of depth is possible by implementing hard edges with soft edges or gradient colors layers.


The term “Disruptive” as it applies to camouflage, is the use of high contrast markings to aggressively break up outlines and shapes.

All Terrain

As the term implies, “All Terrain” patterns are suited for all terrains.  Though the color schemes change, the pattern stays the same and works in nearly any terrain.


Riptile Sabertooth Camouflage Pattern


Riptile Carnivore Camouflage Pattern


Riptile Ice Age Camouflage Pattern


Riptile Nocturnal Camouflage Pattern


Riptile® Camouflage has also developed four additional color concepts that show the versatility of the pattern and are sure to excite ladies who love the outdoors!

Riptile® Pink, Blue, Purple, and Teal are concept schemes not yet in production but showcase the versatility of the Riptile® Pattern!